Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Regularity is a double-edged sword. I think one of the most unexplored, yet one of the most interesting, human internal conflicts is that of the boredom of sameness versus the safety of routine. Everyone years for adventure, but doesn't want to relinquish the protected cove of their daily lives.

I find myself struggling with this conflict all the time. I feel the need to do something drastic, but lack the ambition to do so, or at least I've always attributed it to a lack of ambition, in reality I think everyone fears change. Then again change is not a word I like to use to freely. I feel like I am in a phase of constant transition: youth to adult, sin to redemption, whatever the transition is, every stage of life is a transition to another. I really like the idea of life being a river, ever flowing, unyielding, yet fluid. I ponder whether the river ever leads to the sea.

Maybe more so than a river, life is a never-ending tour. Sometimes you play a good show, but the crowd is small. Sometimes you play a shitty set to a large crowd. Sometimes you miss the show. Sometimes the pigs shut the show down. Anyway, you just have to keep truckin' on.

Man I really love the Grateful Dead. This post is going nowhere fast. I really thought I had a logical train of thought going, but it just turned into corny extended analogies. Thats okay though.

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