Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Getting pretty bored with the hamster wheel of public education lately. No time to read, write, create with all this schoolwork. I've slacked off drawing, practicing piano, and reading what I see fit, which are all things I promised myself I wouldn't let fall to the wayside once school began. I haven't found five minutes to visit the library. I was starting to photograph again, but I simply don't have the time.
Time management is one of my strong points. I started work on a solo project, using the same moniker I've used since probably the eighth grade because creating a new myspace page is a pain in the ass. I recorded an intro track but I'm fairly disappointed with how it came out. I wrote an intro in Theory class the other day that I much prefer which will most likely replace the one I recorded.
I really hope I don't fail my driver's test next Friday. I have to play a show at Manhattanville College on Saturday and if I can't drive there its going to be a shitstorm. My friends are coming home from college for a party next Saturday. My life is so uninteresting