Monday, June 28, 2010

First Update in a Long Time

I sort of forgot this thing existed. I have a lot of free time these days, so I think I'll update it with a little more regularity.

The real fucking quandary with these blogs is that they initially seem to be a sort of ultra-personal internet outlet for whatever sort of mediocre strife that the average upper-middle class, overly- bearded, white-bred, Northeast pseudo-intellectuals who frequent them may have. But, as one endeavors to craft some wordy, impressive rendering of their rather unimpressive day, the reality sets in that these things are just private enough to encourage such notions, but just public enough (you're actually reading this, admit it) to prohibit any truthfulness.

Next, I find vanity takes hold, and these things are reduced to thesaurus-guided shitrags detailing unheard of records or trips to places that seem impressive (art museums, concerts in basements, etc.), or worst of all, incredibly cryptic description of some emotional event that would probably be worthwhile to read about, but the author thinks the person it involves will also read. This, naturally, leads to the author making the post just vague enough so that it perplexes the few readers it gets. But, if by some chance, the person it involves should stumble upon it, they would instantly know it was about them. That is, of course, the author's true intention.

I promise this blog have all of the aforementioned qualities, and them some. Note the artsy title and faggish, all-lowercase signature.

be easy,